Village Lodge Table Layout Options

The Village Lodge deck has a lot to offer in way of table set up. The large space allows for may different set up configurations. Below you will find some of our most popular options. The samples range from a guest list size of 100-200.  Custom table layout options can be provided for you by request.

The standard Sugar Bowl table that is included in the Village Lodge package is a 5 foot round table that comfortably seats 8 adults.  Head table options include your choice of one of the following.  Sugar Bowl standard round table for 8, 3 foot round sweet heart table for 2, rectangular head table that seats 4-26.  Square, rectangular and farm tables are all available for the group at an additional cost. 

The most popular option for the Village Lodge deck is the lay out that you will see featured in most of the examples below. This set up features the dance floor in the middle of the deck along with the head tables and DJ or small band . The rest of the tables are evenly distributed on either side.  Wedding that have a band with a group size of 6 or more should go with the option of having the dance floor at the far end of the deck. This allows for adequate space for the band.

Tables can be named or numbered however you choose.  Please provide Sugar Bowl with your table layout when you arrive to Sugar Bowl for your wedding. This will insure that your tables are numbered in the manor that you would like them to be. Assigned tables are not required for buffet style meals however they are  highly recommend. If you are having a plated meal assigned tables and seats at the table are required. Please speak with your wedding planner for more info on seat assignments.

Sample table layouts:

table layout rectangular tables

table layout 150 with dance floor on end

table layout 100

table layout 150

table layout 175

table layout 200

Photos of the Village Lodge deck set up:

Dance floor in the middle of the deck

Large head table

Round tables with a sweet heart head table

Round table with a rectangular head table

Round tables with a 4 person rectangular head table




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