Firefly Mobile Sudios – Tracey Hedge

About Tracey Hedge

I first fell in love with photography in eighth grade.  My love for art came much earlier, when a representative from the art museum came to our school, quarterly, and brought several prints from various renown artists. The prints were lined up and we would discuss the color, mood, light, and story behind each piece.  My eyes were always drawn to the pictures with people dancing and living passionately.

With art already embedded within my heart, I approach photography with an artistic eye ready to capture a unique and special moment in time.

Each photo session is a chance to meet new people and make new friends.  I enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where everyone is comfortable to be themselves.  Although there are some poses that work great, many of the best moments are captured naturally. These are the pictures that bring out the biggest smiles when remembering the best of times.

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