Wedding Cakes & Dessert Tables

There are so many different ideas out there for the perfect wedding cake, cupcakes or dessert tables. Throughout my years at Sugar Bowl Resort, I have seen so many creative ideas and helped brides come up with the perfect display for their cakes and desserts. Depending on your budget, a wedding cake for your entire party can be pretty costly. To help keep the cost down you can serve cupcakes, chocolates, an ice cream bar, a candy bar, multiple mini cakes and so many more options for your dessert tables.  Below are some photos from our recent weddings to inspire you.  If you need some help visioning the final arrangement, feel free to send me an email. Meghon Shrewsbury –



Some of the great local vendors that we work with are:
D’lish – 530-583-6609
The Treat Box – 530-587-6551
Tahoe House – 530-583-1377
Flour Girl Cakes 530-573-1138
Sugar Pine Bakery – 530-363-3076

Whether you are looking for the perfect cake, a few different cakes, treats or cupcakes, our partners will take good care of you!

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