Placecards and Table Numbers For Weddings

Assigned seating, or not assigned seating, that is the question. It is really up to you whether or not you want to have assigned seating or assigned tables. It does help with the organization and flow of your wedding. You can choose to do either while keeping within the theme of your wedding.

When deciding on assigned seating or table numbers keep in mind:

Round Tables – If you are going with round tables, then you’ll want to think about seating couples together and alternating male and female.

Long Tables – You’ll want to seat couples across from each other and you may want to alternate male and female as well.

Balance – Think about who will be sitting with whom. This is a great opportunity for you to introduce friends and family. Keep in mind you’ll want it to be comfortable for everyone at the table. Remember that you always want to keep your guests together if they RSVP’d as a couple.

Closest Tables to Bride and Groom – Usually you want to reserve the tables closest to your wedding party for family and close friends.

Buffet vs. Plating – This could be a big factor in your decision. If you are doing a buffet style, then you could go with table numbers. If you are going with plating then you should really consider using assigned seating. This will make it easy for your servers. At Sugar Bowl Resort we require assigned seating if you are having us serve.

Below are some great photos of different ideas for assigned seating or table numbers. If you need some more ideas feel free to contact me.

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